Most weddings are unimaginable without a wedding registry, but recently many soon-to-be-married couples have been wondering whether asking guests for gifts on a destination wedding is acceptable and how to approach the destination wedding registry question altogether. The times are changing, and while many people are firm believers in traditional wedding registries, it is worth considering that couples’ needs are also changing. Let’s look at modern day wedding registries and how to be thoughtful about it both from the couple’s perspective and that of the wedding guest.


Destination wedding Maui | Wedding Registry for a Destination Wedding | Maui's Angels Blog

Destination Wedding Registry: Yay or Nay

Destination weddings can get a little pricey both for the couple and the guests alike, so naturally, many couples wonder, whether it is acceptable to have a wedding registry. The short answer is yes. There are many ways to go about it, and some couples clarify to their guests that attendance is enough of a gift, making it optional. Secondly – and this is particularly true to destination weddings – your wedding registry should fit all price points, and it’s a great way to be considerate towards your guests.


Destination wedding Maui | Wedding Registry for a Destination Wedding | Maui's Angels Blog

What to Include in Your Destination Wedding Registry

So what to actually include in a wedding registry? A ton of household items can get a little tricky to manage, especially if you and your guests are jetting off to Maui and back. But the truth is, the traditional wedding registries aren’t the only way to go anymore. Many people still believe in them, but at the end of the day, and it’s true with any gift on any occasion, really – we all just want to give gifts that matter and add real value. Not all couples need pots, and pans, and household items anymore. And from the couple’s perspective, many prefer a contribution towards their honeymoon or a down payment for the first house as a married couple.

If you think that asking for money as a wedding gift is frowned upon, then consider the fact that people who matter most in your life and are attending your wedding would gladly contribute towards something they know matters to you. At the end of the day, contributing towards an experience or something that you really benefit from, is more valuable and memorable than any vase or fruit bowl.

This option also allows your wedding guests to be in control of how much they are willing to spend on your gift and spares the worry about transporting gifts from point A to point B.


Destination wedding Maui | Wedding Registry for a Destination Wedding | Maui's Angels Blog


If you offer flexibility on your wedding registry and mix and match traditional gifts with non-traditional ones, it might be a good idea to include your address and a request for the gifts to be mailed directly to your home to avoid extra expenses both for you and your guests, flying with the gifts.


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