Stress doesn’t have to be inherent to the wedding planning process! If you’re busy or just unsure of where to even start planning for the biggest day of your life, we urge you to seek the guidance of a professional. A wedding planner will ensure the memories of your engagement period aren’t eclipsed by the stress, cost or a never-ending to-do list. Read on for our list of top 10 reasons you should hire a wedding planner!


They alleviate stress and help you enjoy the planning process

This should be one of the happiest times of your life! Leaving the logistics and details to a professional who’s well equipped to manage any challenges that arise will ensure you have more time to enjoy being engaged, and spend less time pouring over meticulous details.


They keep your spending in check

Keeping track of spending and when payments are due is a huge, albeit not the most fun, part of wedding planning. It can be hard to stay within the spending plan you set out with. There’s so many sources of inspiration and different payment due dates and amounts that it can be difficult to track your spending plan, until it’s too late and you’ve overspent. Planners will help you manage your money, and help allocate your budget based upon what they know is most important to you.


They allow you to maintain balance in your life

Wedding planning is a full time job. A wedding planner allows you to maintain balance and a sense of normalcy in your life. Your work performance, friendships, and relationship shouldn’t have to suffer in the year leading up to your wedding. Spend more time celebrating and avoid having the happiness of your engagement period overshadowed by the stress of planning.


They help you make informed decisions

Especially with a destination wedding, there’s so many unknowns for most bride and grooms and the decision making process can be overwhelming. There are so choices, between venues, vendors, ceremony set-up, florals and more! A wedding planner will present you with your best options and provide guidance and expertise along the way.


They bring your vision to life

Whether you’re looking for something simple or you have a totally out of the box vision for your design details, a good planner will make your dream wedding a reality! They’ll pair you with the right vendors that align with your style and spending and will ensure a cohesive overall look and feel based upon the inspiration you have.


They provide expert advice and guidance

Not sure how to handle the RSVP with the uninvited plus one? How soon should you send thank you’s after the wedding? A wedding planner can help you gracefully navigate the unchartered waters of wedding etiquette. They’ll advise you on how to set the tone for the evening, address any unique family dynamics, phrase the invitations for a kid free reception and so much more!


They’re prepared for the unexpected

With any wedding, there’s generally a lot of logistics and details to account for. A good planner will handle any curve balls thrown in the mix, usually without the bride even knowing about it! Bad weather? No problem! A good wedding planner always has a plan B. Avoid the stress of unexpected changes or challenges and leave that to an expert!


They handle and coordinate set up and clean up

At the end of the night, the last thing you want to do is track down wedding gifts, make sure grandma gets on the shuttle or worry about cleaning up! Nor do you want to worry about placing tables in the morning or putting together flower arrangements on the most important day of your life. A wedding planner will coordinate set up and tear down, including gathering all your belongings at the end of the festivities and organizing tear down with the vendors so that you and your guests don’t have to worry about a thing!


They make sure your big day is perfect

There’s so many details and moving parts to coordinate up until the big day and when it finally arrives the last thing you want to do is deal with any hiccups. A planner will be there to answer guest questions, put out any fires, coordinate with all the vendors and keep your timeline on track. Wedding planners are well versed in creating detailed timelines and making sure everything is implemented flawlessly.


They customize the wedding to your needs

At Maui’s Angels, we live for going the extra mile and ensuring the big day is uniquely tailored to our bride and groom. We customize every wedding we plan, pulling in distinct elements that speak to the relationship and personality of our clients. A private vow exchange to start the biggest day of your lives together? An audience participation luau? You name it, we’ve done it and we’re always up for a new challenge!