Here at Maui’s Angels Weddings we get asked a variety of these questions often, so we have taken the time to address them here on our blog to help any brides out there that are on the fence about this! Should we hire a videographer for our wedding? Is it worth it? Will we regret not having one?

Speaking on behalf of the many brides that we have worked with as well as our own personal experience, the answer is a big YES, you definitely should hire a videographer for your wedding! As two married women on our Maui’s Angels Team, (Lorrie and Nicole), we both hired videographers and could NOT have imagined doing anything different to ensure that our wedding days were captured perfectly! Being able to have that day on video to watch back is just priceless. To see the love in our partner’s eyes, hearing our voices reciting our marriage vows, it’s hard to put into words just how precious those moments and memories are to have on video. Especially being able to see and hear our family and friends that may not be with us any longer, to see them happy and celebrating your big day with you is definitely worth the investment! Not to mention the opportunity to show your children one day, how amazing your wedding day was and how happy you were on that day.

On top of the sentimental reasons, the wedding day itself goes by SO fast! We have heard this from so many brides and know from personal experience as well. The day itself is a whirlwind and there are so many elements that you will not have seen until you watch your finished video. Speaking of the finished video, the videographers that we work with are true artists and your video is going to be breathtaking and beautiful! But don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to view the spectacular videos below from our real Maui wedding couples and let us know what you think!!

Let’s start with this gorgeous highlight video of Roger & Christy’s Maui wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House created by the talented Noa of Zeb Films Hawaii with planning by Maui’s Angels Weddings. Noa also incorporated his Inspire 1 Drone for the amazing overhead shots!!

Christy & Roger from Zeb Films Hawaii on Vimeo.

Incredible, right!? Here’s another real Maui wedding by the talented duo of Kent & Darlene at Ohana Films! This is Laura & Bobby’s magical wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House planned by Maui’s Angels Weddings:


Laura & Bobby – Olowalu Plantation House Wedding from Ohana Films on Vimeo.

Another big reason to hire a videographer for your wedding are for those couples that choose to elope here to the romantic island of Maui, without any family and friends in attendance. You’ll want to be able to share your beautiful wedding day with your parents, siblings and friends once you return home! Here is the intimate Maui beach wedding of Rachel and Blake courtesy of the talented crew at Sunlit Films planned by Maui’s Angels Weddings:

Blake + Rachel from Sunlit Films on Vimeo.

It’s hard not to get choked up watching these special memories so I’m sure you can imagine how you would feel watching your own wedding video! Contact us here at Maui’s Angels Weddings to discuss adding this important element to your Maui wedding day, we can’t wait to hear from you!!

Please click over to the Videos tab our website to view more locations and video transformations captured by our talented group of Maui videographers!