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Destination Wedding Coordinator for Maui

Getting married on the island of Maui brings excitement and joy to everyone. It’s the perfect destination for tying the knot and beginning a new life together.

When you’re planning your destination wedding in Maui, you’ll want a team of people who can help alleviate the stress that comes with planning a wedding from afar. This is where a full-service wedding coordinator can be of assistance.

With expert help, your experience can be extremely rewarding. Maui’s Angels Destination Weddings and Events has a destination wedding coordinator in Maui, HI, to help you out with your wedding. With the help from our team, our full-service wedding coordinator will handle all the logistics when planning your big day in Maui. We will put together a fantastic celebration for all your attendees to enjoy on the island. Our Maui destination wedding coordinator can help you plan all the things that your guests will enjoy. With Maui’s Angels Destination Weddings and Events on the job, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What Does a Full-Service Wedding Coordinator Do?

For some, a wedding planner and wedding coordinator might be interchangeable terms, but the two have different roles.

While a wedding planner is involved during the entire planning process, a wedding coordinator is typically involved with the coordination of a wedding about one month before the big day.

The reason behind this is that wedding coordinators don’t plan your wedding. Their main role is to execute and oversee what the plan is for your big day to relieve stress on your wedding day itself. They take care of the logistics and make sure that everything you and your wedding planner have planned out goes smoothly.

A full-service wedding coordinator’s responsibilities normally include:

  • Managing vendors and making sure vendors are on the same page. They don’t hire the vendors.
  • Executing timelines.
  • Implement the final walk through of ceremony and reception
  • Executing and managing the rehearsal
  • Orchestrating and managing the wedding day (or weekend), ceremony, and reception. This will include managing vendors, making sure timelines are adhered to, handling any problems that crop up, and ensuring that the plans you’ve made for your big day go on without a hitch.
  • Setting up and taking down items that have been brought in by you or the planner.

Essentially, with a destination wedding coordinator, you and your planner will be in charge of planning your wedding, but your full-service wedding coordinator would be in charge of implementing and overseeing the plans that have been made so that you can enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about any logistics on your day of celebration!

A Destination Wedding Coordinator for You

No matter if you have chosen to plan your own wedding or hire an expert planner, the odds are you’re going to have some stress when the big day arrives. How are you supposed to get married and manage the logistics of your event? This is where the full-service wedding coordinator comes in. A destination wedding coordinator for Maui can take away stress and even hide problems that pop up so the couple can focus on enjoying their wedding guests and taking in every moment of their big day.

If you’re planning your own wedding in Maui without a professional planner, then you may at least want to hire a full-service wedding coordinator. A destination wedding coordinator will ensure that all the plans you have for your wedding in Maui are executed to perfection.

At Maui’s Angels Destination Weddings and Events, our number one priority is to make sure your event goes as planned without any obstacles. We pride ourselves on our smooth and effortless planning because it lets you enjoy your own wedding. We’ll start off with an initial consultation so that we can understand what your preferences are and what needs to happen. That way we can execute things to your liking. No matter if you want a formal, black-tie event or something a little more relaxed to match the atmosphere of the island of Maui, we can implement the plan and coordinate your event the way you want. We know how stressful it can be to plan an entire event, especially from afar, but that’s what we’re here for. No matter what your plan is, our Maui destination wedding coordinators will make sure your event is momentous for you and your attendees.


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Maui’s Angels Destination Weddings and Events offers full-service wedding coordination services in Maui, HI. We’ll make sure that every detail surrounding your event is taken care of. A destination event on the island of Maui can’t compare to anywhere else because of its unique landscape and atmosphere. Our team is known for their personalized approach and exceptional professionalism. Contact our destination wedding coordinators now as a start to your wedding in Maui.

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