Maui’s Angels Weddings is so excited to share this gorgeous Olowalu Plantation House wedding, also recently featured on Inside Weddings Magazine!! Below is an excerpt from Inside Weddings of Meghan and Matt’s amazing journey to becoming husband and wife here on the beautiful island of Maui:

About a year after moving halfway across the world – from Orlando, Florida to Sydney, Australia – Meghan was approached by the love of her life. “I remember sitting down at a long table and Matt looked over at me from the other end and immediately stood up and came and sat across from me. That’s when we started chatting and the rest is history!” she shares. Almost four years later, the loving couple was on vacation in New Orleans to celebrate Meghan’s upcoming 30th birthday. After enjoying some drinks on the beach, Matt pulled Meghan onto the grass and asked her to marry him. “He got it all on our GoPro camera but the sound wasn’t working!” reveals Meghan.

Choosing a wedding location when one family is in Australia and another is in Florida may seem like a daunting task, but Matt and Meghan had already figured that part out. “We always knew if we got married, it would be in Hawaii. It’s pretty much halfway between Sydney – where Matt is from – and Florida –where I am from,” explains the bride. Having previously vacationed in Maui and especially loving their time in Lahaina, the couple quickly found where they would be wed. Initially, the bride’s plan for the theme was familiar to those who have been to destination weddings in Hawaii: “I started thinking I wanted ‘Rustic Beach’ but as I really got into planning, I moved away from the beach theme – there was enough of that with the venue being on the ocean and full of palm trees – and the theme transitioned into ‘Rustic, Vintage, Travel,’” tells Meghan. Wood details and lawn games provided a rustic atmosphere, while vintage furniture and suitcases paired with old family photos contributed to the throwback vibe. In addition to the suitcases, Meghan and Matt added to the travel theme by selected midcentury postcards for table display. Each table was named for a city the sweethearts had been to together. A retro Volkswagen bus that functioned as the photo booth helped make sure everyone would be in a party mood.

Please continue scrolling through the lovely images below to see more from their beautiful day, thank you so much to Meghan and Matt for trusting Maui’s Angels Weddings to plan one of the most important days of your lives, we absolutely loved being your Maui Wedding Planner!

A huge Mahalo to these Maui Wedding Vendors that helped make sure their day was perfect:

Maui Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels Weddings

Maui Wedding Venue: Olowalu Plantation House

Photographer: Love & Water Photography

Hair & Makeup: Salon 253

Floral Design: Damselfly Designs

Videography: All Time Media

Calligraphy Signage: Miss B Calligraphy

Rentals: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Wedding Musician: Marvin Tevaga Music

DJ Entertainment: Maui DJ Services

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