Kathy & Justin’s wedding at the Sugarman Estate on Maui’s south shore was an absolute dream and Maui’s Angels Weddings was so honored to be a part of it! With their wedding palette of lemon incorporated throughout their event from the yellow Chuck Taylors worn by the groomsmen to the table linen and centerpieces, the bright happy wedding details throughout this wedding will definitely make you smile! It was a fabulous affair from beginning to end and it was a true pleasure watching these two perfectly matched souls say I Do in front of a large group of their family and friends! To have Maui’s Angels Weddings chosen as this fun, vibrant couple’s Maui Wedding Planner was a true delight and we are excited to share the images below from their amazing day, we hope they help to inspire you for your own seaside wedding or event! Congratulations to Kathy and Justin from all of us at Maui’s Angels Weddings!!

Here’s a lovely note that we received from the couple after their Maui wedding, it genuinely warms our heart to know that we were able to touch their lives in such a meaningful way!

I VERY highly recommend Maui’s Angels for wedding coordination. Lorrie and her team are very passionate about what they do and it was evident throughout the whole planning process and on the day of the wedding. I worked mostly with Lorrie directly and she did a great job of executing our vision for the wedding while also offering some recommendations that she thought we might like. Lorrie picked very good vendors that fit our budget and the look & feel of our wedding.

The days leading up to the wedding were pretty stressful for me but Lorrie did a great job of assuring me that everything would get done and she was always on standby in case I needed anything. We threw some last minute changes at her the day before the wedding and she handled it so gracefully and executed everything perfectly. Her team was enthusiastic and efficient and did such a great job getting everything done. I was able to really enjoy my day and that really is an indication of how well the wedding went.

I enjoyed working with her very much and am happy to have met her and her team. She was very sweet, friendly, and passionate about what she does. Great person and great planner!

Mahalo to these fabulous Maui Wedding vendors for lending their talents and helping to make this event a smashing success:

Maui Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels Weddings

Maui Wedding Venue: Sugarman Estate

Photography: Anna Kim Photography

Rentals: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Farm Tables: Signature Event Rentals

Event Signage: Miss B Calligraphy

Flowers: Damselfly Designs

Hair: Salon 253

Cake: Cake Fanatics Maui

Catering: Sugar Beach Catering

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