Fall is such a beautiful time to get married! For those planning a Hawaiian destination wedding in the fall, despite the tropical weather we have year-round, there are still many ways to incorporate the warm, cozy feel of fall into your experience. From nature-inspired decor elements to delicious fall seasonal culinary delights, there are many reasons to fall in love with a fall wedding!


Natural Decor Elements

Incorporating nature into your decor is a beautiful way to bring the feeling of fall into your wedding. Ceremony altars made of large sticks and a canopy of vines or draping leaves and deep jewel tone flowers give the instant feeling of autumn. For your tablescapes, you can incorporate pinecones, pumpkins or fragrant herbs for a naturally beautiful look.

Photos by: left & right Aubrey Lynn Photography, middle Wendy Laurel Photography


Fall FLowers

Wild, intentionally loose floral bouquets are a reigning trend in floral design. They also play well into the feel of fall. Rich, warm colors and stems like dahlias bring the season into your floral design. Green leafy stems, berries and even some succulents are also perfect for a fall wedding.

Photos by: left & right Wendy Laurel Photography, middle Danielle Poff Photography


Warmth of Fire

Fire is one of the natural elements seen regularly in Hawaii and used in some of our traditions. Having a Hawaiian fire dance is an exciting way to incorporate an authentic Hawaiian experience into your wedding festivities. Tiki torches can illuminate the night sky and cozy fire pits are perfect for guests to gather around while enjoying cocktails or even making s’mores for dessert. The warm flicker of candles throughout your decor will also bring a romantic, autumn glow.

Photos by: left Daniel Kim Photography, middle Will Maki Productions, right Chris Evans Photography


Taste the Season

The flavors of fall are some of the most delicious all year! From your appetizers to your desserts, there are many yummy ways to bring the taste of the season into your fall destination wedding. Have fun with creative food and drink stations that have seasonally fresh ingredients and your favorite fall dishes. Hawaiian coffee is some of the best in the world and a perfect way to incorporate something warm and local into your menu.

Photos by: left Wendy Laurel Photography, middle Daniel Kim Photography, right Corrine Krogh Photography


Photo by Trish Barker Photography


These are just a few of our favorite ways of incorporating fall into your destination wedding. As experienced Maui wedding planners, we would love to meet you to discuss more ideas!